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Compare your average website to Algolia; it’s night and day — Algolia feels like using OS X’s Spotlight feature on the web.

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Robust, clean APIs that let you focus on building great products.

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It’s fan-freakin-tastic. Easy to integrate and super fast.

Ryan hoover producthunt
Ryan Hoover
CEO & Founder ProductHunt

Algolia seemed too good to be true. Ultra-fast indexing and searching, trivial integration from the client or server side, and a massively-flexible query system that responds in milliseconds — all backed by a team that lives and breathes customer satisfaction. It's all of that, and it's one of the best technology decisions we've made at CrunchBase.

Kurt freytag crunchbase
Kurt Freytag
Head of Product Crunchbase

Algolia's typo tolerance has been a game changer. Discoverability is core to Pebble's community of developers and we just couldn't accept that misspelled queries and typos would penalize them.

Eric migicovsky pebble
Eric Migicovsky
CEO & Founder Pebble

ok ok ok i gotta give it up this is F****** SICK! so fast!!

Tom lehman genius
Tom Lehman
Co-founder Genius

It's an excellent and fast way to search HN stories and comments. I use it every day.

HN moderator Y-Combinator

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