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Autocomplete reinvented

Most autocomplete implementations simply suggest queries. We provide users with real results as they type.

This demonstration shows how to create a simple yet compelling search on TV shows, actors & episodes.

Try for example to search for Game of Thrones or for Kiefer Sutherland. You can even misspell these queries. It still works!

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TV Shows search

Multi-category autocomplete

In most websites you can search for different kinds of data. Autocomplete should handle these different categories.

This demonstration, showcasing Rapgenius, shows you how you can find artists, songs and lyrics right from the search box.

Try for example to search for Eminem, lose yourself or you better lose yourself.

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Rapgenius search

The need for an autocomplete feature that handles multiple categories is particularly strong for e-commerce websites.

This demonstration, showcasing a fashion e-commerce website, shows how you can find brands, categories & products by implementing our autocomplete.

Try for example to search for a pair of jeans, for louis vuitton or for a prada handbag. Next, try these with typos.

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E-commerce search

Instant search results page

Although autocomplete is important, a seamless experience in the results page matters too.

This example implements an instant-search based result page: refreshing the whole page (results, pagination & navigation filters) “as you type”.

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Instant Search

Autocomplete on filtering operators

Our autocomplete can guide users when they filter queries with certain conditions.

We have implemented this autocomplete feature on Hacker News' search to enable filtering by author. To do that we created a specific index with author names and we display an autocomplete box when the query contains the "author:" operator.

Try for example to type some text after the author operand on Hacker News search.

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Hacker News search

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