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Hero test

Hero test A year in review

As we look forward to an exciting 2019, we paused to reflect on the most significant moments of 2018. It's been an extraordinary year in many respects—here are the highlights.

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We made discovery experiences more human

We brought users and businesses closer

  • Content unique to each individual

  • Intent has never been closer to content

  • From language-agnostic to language-aware

  • Experiences that fit into our lives—naturally

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We stayed focused On our users

  • Modernized UI, improved findability

  • Brand new information architecture

  • 26,500 messages promptly answered


We are thrilled to be trusted By more than 6,500 customers

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Our Developer Community

Our Community Continues To Grow


New community plans


Free student plans


Active DocSearch implementations


New open source plans created

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Our Team

It's the Force Behind it all

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