Our mission is to power discovery

We do this with the world’s only end-to-end, AI-powered search and discovery platform.

We provide our customers with a combination of market-leading keyword and natural language processing via vector search – all uniquely packaged on a single API product and supported by hyperscale indexing and blazing fast speed. We serve 17,000+ customers, who generate 1.75 Trillion search requests a year on our platform with 5x9’s of availability. We are used by one in six online users and more than 5 million developers a month. 

Under Armour, Stripe, Walgreens, Procter & Gamble, Sony, British Telecom and many others spanning 150+ countries build blazing fast and relevant search and discovery experiences for their in-app users and/or online visitors (using any web, mobile or voice device) – by surfacing the desired content instantly and at scale.

Algolia Values and Culture

Algolia has a culture where everyone belongs. This is what sparks innovation as well as progress towards a more inclusive workforce and a better world.


We thrive outside of our comfort zone, pushing ourselves to go ever further. We think long-term and constantly strive to be better, even if things don’t always go as expected.


We trust each other just as we trust our users. We earn that trust by listening to each other, following through with our commitments and keeping our words. We exercise transparency within the company, our customers and our community.


We want the best for our customers, community & colleagues. We go above and beyond to make sure they are happy. We have each other’s backs and help one another succeed.


We are open and honest. We give each other praise and criticism because we want to challenge each other and help one another grow.


We want our teammates to succeed as much as we do ourselves. We believe each team member is as important as the other and we approach each new challenge knowing that we may not have all the answers.

  • Algolia’s social impact

    We want to give back to the communities that have made us strong. Learn about how we support non-profits, the environment, open source, and other causes close to our hearts.

  • Equality Index Results

    Diversity matters, and we take pride in our approach for inclusion. Algolia’s score on the Female-Male Equality Index in France for the 2022 year was 86 out of 100.

  • Worldwilde offices and team members

    We have team members in Paris, San Francisco, Atlanta, New York, London, Bucharest, Austin, Sydney, and more! We have put in place a flexible workplace policy, and work with people around the globe.