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Building our Next Wave of Analytics 

We’re introducing an exciting addition to our product family and rolling out new analytics solutions for our customers

I’m thrilled to announce today our first acquisition: SeaUrchin.IO — a real-time analytics platform that zeroes in on search insights. This is a key milestone on our path to help our customers improve their user engagement. We’ve been focused on identifying new opportunities for them to create more intuitive, relevant and rewarding experiences. Today’s announcements bring us one step closer on that journey.

Why SeaUrchin.IO?

We first came across the SeaUrchin.IO team as admirers of their technology. They built a unique platform that surfaced granular insights about how users were engaging with search. They were targeting the exact need we were trying to solve for our customers. We quickly saw that together, we could accomplish so much more for our customers… and accomplish it faster!

Thanks to the work we’ve already been doing to integrate SeaUrchin’s technology, the acquisition has enabled us to immediately accelerate the development of our analytics solutions. Read more about our new Analytics here.

We’re just getting started

We’ve had a quite a year of milestones — we crossed the 40 billion mark for search queries processed monthly, doubled our revenue, team and customers. But as excited as I am about what the team has accomplished, I’m even more excited about the future. Bringing new technology to our team gives us the ability to innovate faster and bring new solutions to our community.

We’re on a mission to give product builders the tools to create amazing experiences, so stay tuned for what’s next!

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