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Now introducing Algolia SearchAfter 4 betas and much priceless feedback, we are really excited to announce the release of Algolia Search! We launched it Monday during the 60th edition of Mobile Monday Paris! If you don’t know what Algolia Search can do for your app, take a look at its amazing features or just watch the video!

This release also means that you can now integrate it directly into your apps and publish them! We wanted to have a simple and clear pricing plan: You can have all the benefits of Algolia Search in one Android or iOS App for only $590! Think about it, that’s less than the day-rate of a mobile developer in many countries. Compare it to the many days you would need to integrate SQL Lite FTS for poor features.

Try Algolia Search for free for 30-days!

We are also very excited to introduce our new website alongside this launch. You’ll be able to access up-to-date documentation easily, to try and download Algolia Search in a few clicks and, of course, to order the product! Check it out and let us know what you think!

Thanks again to our beloved beta testers. Stay tuned for more news!

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Nicolas Dessaigne

Co-founder & board member at Algolia


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