Learn a CTO’s perspective on Algolia vs. Elasticsearch.

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For the past six years, Algolia has been fortunate to have worked with leading companies around the world — from one of the world’s largest online marketplaces to one of the world’s largest gaming companies to many, many more in between. In addition to providing lightning-fast search and discovery experiences that deliver improved business results across modern websites and mobile apps, Algolia’s search-as-a-service platform is language agnostic which has helped its rapid ascent to be the top search solution used by over 6,500 companies around the world.

As we build on our hypergrowth and continue to scale the company globally, we believe that we need to be closer to our customers — to listen, to learn, and to build longstanding partnerships.

Today, we took another major step towards this goal and announced our global expansion into the Asia-Pacific region along with the opening of our new office in Tokyo, Japan.

With over 100 Japanese-headquartered customers including Cookpad (Komerco), CYDAS, alu, and Cansell, Algolia Tokyo will be able to better support our local customers with improved Japanese search relevancy, gain a richer understanding of our global customer base and attract local talent to add to our world-class workforce.

Japan is culturally-rich and unique in its language, customs and norms. With our new Tokyo office, we are now even better positioned to understand the Japan-specific business and technology requirements to, for example, address three alphabets including Kanji, Katakana, and Hiragana, tokenize Japanese text for better search relevance, and fine-tune our solution for our customers.

With offices in Paris, San Francisco, New York, Atlanta, London, and now Tokyo and with over 70 data centers around the world, Algolia is well-positioned to support our customers, wherever they may need and in any language they require, all while delivering a modern, lightning fast experience that their own customers expect.

We are excited to continue to invest in our global footprint and our global platform. Today is an example of this and a sign of things to come. Stay tuned for more exciting news on this front in the weeks and months ahead — onward!

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