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Introducing Algolia’s New Partner Program

Today we’re excited to provide a new service to our customers with the launch of the new Algolia Partner Program. Enterprises can now tap into our trusted ecosystem of partners including agencies, systems integrators, and technology providers who can help them build best-in-class, Algolia-powered experiences in their websites and apps.

Bringing our expertise to a wider community of elite developers empowers enterprises to choose the right partners to build and accelerate development of their search solutions and push the boundaries of their user experiences. We’re thrilled to launch our program today with 20 certified partners including Accenture Interactive – Altima, Redbox Digital, Magento (an Adobe company) and Shopify.

Our commitment to customers and partners

We obsess about how people interact with their favorite sites, find new products and articles, and explore content. Regardless of the medium — be it a mobile app, a website, or even voice or VR — people’s expectations for content discovery grow every year. Performance and functionality are increasing factors in whether a site or service will succeed in delivering a compelling experience. The challenge businesses face today is turning a near divine anticipation of desire into a personalized user experience that delights and invites each visitor to deeply engage and convert.[1]  

Algolia understands that an API-first approach to building search and navigation enables enterprise customers to be more nimble. It also catalyzes their ability to serve customers where they are and when they want, all while exceeding their expectations of a more personalized and contextual user experience. To build these types of solutions, organizations of all sizes turn to their preferred partners: local agencies, regional consultancies, and global system integrators. With Algolia riding shotgun, these partners no longer need to build dedicated search consultancy teams.

Hear what our partners are saying:

“Consumer expectations for content discovery grow every year, which means digital organizations must keep pace and provide personalized search experiences that fit each user’s needs,” said Alice Candidat, e-merchandising consultant for Altima, an Accenture Interactive-owned agency. “Algolia helps differentiate our practice by enabling our consultants to intelligently advise our customers, like Lacoste, on how to drive more revenue through their digital channels by appealing and personalizing to each individual customer.”

Jonty Sutton, CEO of e-commerce agency Redbox Digital, states, “In e-commerce, one the biggest pain points is matching a users’ intent to the product they are looking for. If you don’t match what a user is browsing or searching for, a retailer undeniably loses money.”

“The Algolia team has been invaluable in helping our team understand the full capabilities of their software as it relates to our client projects, so we can present the tool as part of our comprehensive web strategy and direction,” said Jon Immel, senior vice president of digital strategy, TrendyMinds.

Algolia is powering toward a future in which search and discovery extends far beyond simple search bars. To ultimately provide UI-less digital products that can deliver extraordinarily relevant experiences, we will have to take that journey with our partners. Today’s launch is the first exciting step toward realizing that vision.

To learn more on how to become a consulting partner, navigate to, or contact

[1] Source: “Le Search: De L’intention à L’Attention”, Think With Google (June 2018).


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