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Listen up! Algolia co-founders on the podcast circuit

April has been a busy month for the co-founders of Algolia. Nicolas had the opportunity to appear on the 20 Minute VC Podcast and the official SaaStr podcast, and Julien was featured on the Software Engineering Daily podcast.

Nicolas first sat down with host Harry Stebbings for an episode of the 20 Minute VC to chat about Algolia and what it takes to build a successful company while maintaining a strong core culture. He even shares his favorite blog, perhaps a bit predictable, and his favorite book, a little bit less so.

He then continued the conversation with Harry on the official SaaStr podcast to discuss what he and Algolia took away from the YC process and some advice for being a successful SaaS company, among several other things.

Meanwhile, Julien and Jeff Meyerson from Software Engineering daily discussed the unsolved problems in search and building Algolia for the long run. Head on over to SE Daily to hear Julien. While you’re there, check out some of the other content we’ve sponsored, including Bootstrapping a SaaS for Developers with Itai Lahan and Developer Analytics with Calvin French-Owen.

Many thanks to Harry and Jeff for inviting us to participate in their podcasts. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Let us know if you have any questions after listening to the podcasts, and definitely give us a shout to share some of your favorite podcasts in the SaaS/software spaces.

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