Make more of your search dollars with Algolia – we’ll show you how at NRF

When money is tight, investing in the customer journey has to be your top priority. Shoppers don’t have any time to waste. You need to give them a blazingly fast, intuitive, and seamless digital experience.

Search and discovery is the backbone of every microsecond your customers spend on your site. It has to be the most powerful tool in your stack. Right now, everyone needs to make budgets go that extra mile. Choosing the right search platform puts your investment dollars to work and gets you ROI in record time.

When consumer spending dips, businesses with the right toolkit succeed. They know how to reach shoppers and command their piece of the pie. 

Get the inside scoop from an industry powerhouse

Algolia experts are ready to help. Come see our team at booth #4046 at Retail’s Big Show from January 15-17 at the Javits Center in New York City.

We power 30 billion requests per week for 17K customers all over the world. We’re excited to show you what’s possible. Come see us and lift the hood on the most powerful search and discovery tool on the market.

Dig into the potential of search for hybrid retail

With so much to think about, and so much at stake, retailers can’t always see the difference search makes. You need to know how to leverage search in ways that serve you and your customers. That means having search and product navigation excellence at every single touchpoint in the hybrid retail experience. 

No two online retailers are alike. You need tailored solutions. Got questions for a particular use case? We’ve got state-of-the-art answers and inside tech tips:

  • Find out how exclusive features like AI-powered product recommendations are sending conversion rates skyrocketing
  • Hear how Algolia is changing the game with text and vector-based semantic search
  • Find out how easy it is to integrate Algolia with your existing ecommerce platform
  • Learn how to level up the shopping experience with our tried-and-true, industry-leading search and discovery solution

Presentation series from the industry’s first hybrid search engine

To address common challenges and showcase the proven potential of top-grade search, we’re running a presentation series at booth #4046. Check the schedule and mark your calendar. 

Hear first-hand from our experts on these and more hot search and merchandising topics:

  • The value of search and search innovation
  • A day in the life of a merchandiser
  • Optimizing CX at the speed of MACH
  • Integrating Algolia with Adobe, SFCC, Shopify, commercetools, and BigCommerce


Algolia NRF Presentation Schedule


Make 2023 the year you elevate search

We can’t wait to kick off 2023 together at NRF. We want to hear about your challenges and opportunities and find ways to solve them together using powerhouse search by Algolia.

Visit our booth and talk to our team to find out why choosing the right search platform is so important, and how our search and discovery platform can help wow your customers and move more products.

Better yet, book a one-on-one with our team before the show and come see us in New York:


We’ll see you in the Big Apple!

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