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During this unsettling and uncharted time, the Algolia team over 350 of us worldwide (now working remotely) wants all developers and businesses of any size to know that Algolia is here to help.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we first want to send our best wishes to everyone affected both physically and economically.  We recognize that so many people are being affected in so many different ways and our hearts go out to all of you.    

We have already had a few developers reach out to us asking for our support as they build websites and applications to help.  In uncertain times, many of these applications are designed to help people to quickly find what they are looking for whether it’s social distancing best practices, how to access proper medical care, or how to find a much-needed product or service online. 

To that end, Algolia is making its Pro Plan free to any developer or team working on COVID-19-related, not-for-profit websites or apps. Such projects may include building a new website related to a public service project to facilitate COVID-19 communications in a community, developing a search experience to help a local business better connect and serve its community with essential products and services, or creating a website and mobile app to connect community members with one another. 

If you’re interested or if you know someone who is building such a website, please email us at support[at]algolia.com, with “COVID-19 Request” in the title. In addition, if you are in need of search expertise for building a COVID-19 related app or website that better connects people to the best information, products, and services they can access during this time of need, our search experts are also here to help and can provide answers to support you along the way.

To connect with other organizations working on related problems and more updates on this program, please visit us on the Algolia Community site and share the projects you are working on.


The Algolia Team


To learn more about how Algolia and other companies are helping during this time, go to our COVID-19 Resources page here.

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