Learn a CTO’s perspective on Algolia vs. Elasticsearch.

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We’re excited today to share some news that is very dear to us—Kendall Collins has joined our board of directors!

We met Kendall at the end of last year and have been utterly impressed by his understanding of SaaS and his passion for search. We had the chance to build an advisory relationship with him over the last few months and are thrilled to announce that he’s joining Algolia as a full member of our board.

Kendall spent the last 12 years at Salesforce as their global CMO and more recently as the CEO of Salesforce Cloud. In his last role, he was responsible for a number of core product functions, including search and Salesforce’s internal open source implementation. The breadth of his experience at the leading cloud computing company is going to be very valuable to us as we continue to scale Algolia at a fast pace. He also recently joined AppDynamics as their CMO and is actually working only two blocks away from our US headquarters!

I’ve had the opportunity to chat with Kendall several times over the past few weeks, and he wanted to share a few of his reasons for joining us on our journey:

“Google continues to raise the bar for delightful search for end users, and most companies and apps are failing to keep pace with that user experience. When I first tried Algolia, it was clear to me that their Search Platform and API approach is the future for easily building incredibly fast and relevant search inside any application.”

“Algolia has already proven to be trusted by enterprises and loved by developers. Anyone can try it now on Product Hunt, Hacker News, or leading sites and apps such as Periscope, Arcteryx, Medium and Vevo. They have just successfully deployed at one of the top 5 software companies in the world and also at one of the top 5 retailers. And this is just the beginning. It is an honor to work with a team that has such a strong technical vision and an equally caring and compassionate culture.”

With now more than 1,400 paying customers, including many enterprise accounts, Algolia is changing the way people interact with content and leading the transformation of the search market to SaaS. Having Kendall join us on that mission is a big boost in our ability to make it happen even faster.

Welcome to the team, Kendall!

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