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Apr 20th 2015 customers solves the frustration of economic data search with Algolia

Browsing the cumbersome interfaces of government websites in the lookout for reliable data can be a very frustrating experience. It’s full of specific terminology and there’s not a government website that looks the same. It’s like each time you want to use a car, you have to learn to drive all over again.

Connect ideas with economic insight in a matter of seconds

That’s what is for. Solving the frustration anyone who makes their points with facts encounters when routinely performing data search. It offers them with the fastest and easiest way to find and chart economic data from trusted sources. Acknowledging that it can quickly become a nightmare to find reliable information scattered all over the web, Quadrant is on a mission to shorten any data search to seconds. So that data users can spend less time finding data and more time analysing it.

To keep this promise, Quadrant provides data users with an intuitive platform that aggregates more than 400,000 indicators from over 1,000 public sources, and keep them updated in real time. A powerful search allowing any user to find exactly what they are looking for even if they do not use economists’ jargon is a must-have functionality in such a service.

And Algolia stood out as the perfect search solution for Quadrant.

Provide a rewarding search experience to End-Users

First because of the rewarding search experience it allows to deliver to its users.

Algolia surfaces data relevant to people’s search in milliseconds, showing the most appropriate results from the very first keystroke.


It enables to search across different entry points corresponding to the different attributes describing data series (release date, source).


That wasn’t possible with other search solutions they tested before. After implementing Algolia, received nice feedback from their customers, saying that “search was much more comfortable, much more intuitive”.

Algolia empowers anyone to be a search expert

Second, because of the simple experience it is to deploy Algolia on their web app. Back-end documentation and customer support was a major help: it took them less than a week to implement instant search, including relevance tweaking and front-end development. As Dane Vrabrac, co-founder of concluded “with Algolia, it’s awesome all the stuff I can do as a non developer !”

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