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Why we’re returning to Mind The Product for the second time this year

Sep 12th 2016 customers

Why we’re returning to Mind The Product for the second time this year

Earlier this year we participated in our first Mind the Product event in San Francisco as an exhibitor, and we’re excited to be returning this month to their London edition. We first discovered Mind the Product when we were looking at ways to get better acquainted with the product manager community, and we’ve been utterly blown away by our experience.

The event itself brings together some of the greatest minds behind product innovation today – as you can see in the recap of their San Francisco event above (in addition to some nice Algolia love at the end of the video), the event brings together an increasingly important (& large) section of the technology workforce, a workforce that we’ve been increasingly working with as we roll out Algolia to larger & larger companies.

For sponsors, the Mind the Product team is very committed to making sure that we get the most out of our experience, without compromising on the overall experience of the event. The speakers are hand-picked, and there’s plenty of time to attend sessions and meet with fellow attendees.

At our first edition, we made 100+ meaningful connections – entities as big as the Staples & Wells Fargo as well as burgeoning companies. Product managers are increasingly becoming champions inside their teams for new technologies, approaching product development from the user’s perspective. We’re committed to great Search UX, and product managers know how important that is.

One of the things we love about Mind the Product is that, as an exhibitor, we feel so special, because there are only a handful of select partners who exhibit. While we had originally planned on balancing team members at our stand and team members moving around the event to see what else was going on, we ultimately ended up with so many people on our stand that we had to keep all four of us on the stand to field questions and make new friends.

For this edition, we’re sending four people again – over 1,000 attendees came to San Francisco, and the London event already sold out as well – our goal will be to have 100 meaningful conversations. In addition, we’ll be making the most of our time in London by speaking at a number of other meetups in London, like the Elastic London User Group & UX Connect at Google Campus London.

Mind the product SF 2016

A few tips to optimize your experience

When we talk about Algolia, we often dive right into the technical aspects of search – the advantages & disadvantages of various implementations & options – however, we figured out quickly at MindTheProduct that it was much more important to focus on the impact that better Search UX has on your core business – conversion, retention, user experience – as we were mostly speaking with product manager & VPs of product, who have a much more high-level look at the evolution of their product.

For PMs and VPs of Product, Algolia often serves as a partner in helping them get their engineering team excited about using Algolia. Understanding how product managers fit inside of development teams is key to becoming a partner, and ultimately in helping them improve their product.

A final tip is to give attendees something they can put in their pocket (or wear) and remember you by. Edible goodies are good for attracting crowds, but if you want to stay in their mind, give them something branded that they can use for weeks to come – mugs, bottle openers, even a backpack – and you’ll stay with them through at least breakfast (for the mug, of course!).

If you’ll be attending MindTheProduct or will be in London and want to connect with us, you can find us on our stand or ping us @Algolia and we can talk about Search & the future of Product Development!

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