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Key findings on site search KPIs—2020 Digital Commerce 360 survey

We partnered with Digital Commerce 360 for the 2nd time to survey retailers about impact of site search on revenue and KPIs such as conversion rates (results of last survey are here).

We asked 108 respondents to identify their search as advanced, intermediate, or basic. When survey results came in, the most interesting findings turned out to revolve around this split.

Site search boosts conversion rates — when done right

We all know that site search is a critical part of the e-commerce buying journey. As one of our customers put it:

‘Search is a great indicator of first impressions. To serve to your customers exactly what they are looking for is key.’

—Nicholas Maupin, product manager for global e-commerce, Under Armour

But this year’s survey revealed that retail companies with basic site search are potentially losing out on valuable customers, and that advanced site search, when done right, increases conversions and revenue.

Perhaps the most striking result was that retailers investing in advanced search capabilities see 50% higher conversion rates:

impact of search maturity on site search KPIs


It all starts with KPIs

While only 14% of respondents invest in advanced search, they are also the savviest with putting people, strategy, and dedicated resources behind their site search — and the ones to reap the most benefits.

Here are some key takeaways from the survey that set advanced retailers apart:

  • Give business stakeholders the tools and resources to manage site search. Rather than calling on busy IT teams to make changes, team members with the most insight into consumer behavior are given the tools they need to monitor and optimize site search.

  • Invest in site search features and strategies. The most effective site search experience goes beyond just speed and relevance—it includes features like personalization, filtering, and analytics.
  • Define meaningful site search KPIs. It’s no surprise that businesses with advanced site search capabilities are the most likely to have identified the metrics they want to follow: highly developed e-commerce KPIs include those measuring site search

To learn more about how retailers double their conversion rates with search, read the full report: Site search: A high-converting investment when done right.

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