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Powering Shopify store search with Algolia’s search-as-you-type experience

Nov 1st 2016 ecommerce

Powering Shopify store search with Algolia’s search-as-you-type experience

Algolia’s plug-in for Shopify store search

Today, we’re excited to release Algolia for Shopify, our all-in-one Shopify store search app that brings Algolia to your store. We’ve built Algolia for Shopify with simplicity in mind, which means that we automatically keep your Algolia indices up-to-date with your store, and we’ve provided shop owners with a beautiful UI that works out of the box.

Our mission at Algolia is to make great search available to everyone – website & application builders, and also their end-users. We’ve been working hard on our Shopify search integration to make sure it brings everything we’ve learned with our 2,000+ customers and makes it available to the 300,000+ Shopify store-owners at the click of a button.

How it works

For e-commerce websites, search is mission critical. Indeed, a user will often browse a website first to see what’s available, then search for the products he/she got interested in and checkout. By easing up the store search process, our aim is to improve the end-user satisfaction, increasing conversion rates and return rates of our customers.

We’ve worked hard to provide you with an easy to use, easy to install Shopify search application.

Once you’ve downloaded our App from the Shopify Marketplace, you’ll create/login to your Algolia account & we’ll start indexing your products and collections right away. Those indices will be updated in real-time using Shopify webhooks, so you’ll never need to worry about indexing again.

On the indexing side, we’re simply creating Algolia indices, which means that you get all of the features Algolia provides by default: typo-tolerance, relevance tweaking, synonyms handling, analytics and a rock-solid infrastructure.

On the front-end side, you can either go ahead and create your own store search implementation following one of our guides or use the built-in front-end experiences provided with the app.

An auto-completion menu

The auto-completion menu will be available on any page of your store, in any search input:


An instant-search page

You can also replace your current search page with an Algolia powered advance store search that features instant search.

Shopify search featuring instant search and dynamic filtering

As with all our integrations, it brings the speed, relevance and customizability of Algolia to your end-users, wherever in the world with our Distributed Search Network.

But don’t take our word for it, try it live!, or even better, install it on your Shopify Store!

Going further

Want to learn more? We have a few resources for you!


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Matthieu Dumont

Senior Software Engineer


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