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Tips for Retailers to Start 2019 on the Right Foot

Looking at last year’s trends, particularly areas where we fell behind, is always a good indication of where we can reach going forward. Internet retailer’s 2018 survey on site search and KPIs — first ever to look at correlation between search and business performance —  is a neat compendium of trends that have been shaping user experience in the e-commerce industry.

We have summarized key points in a nifty infographic below; here are our takeaways for 2019:

  • At the very minimum, understand how many of your site visitors use site search. You’ll likely find that your site’s conversion and bounce rate are significantly correlated.
  • Understand and define key KPIs affected by site search: revenue per visit, time on site after search, etc. Start measuring and testing.
  • Rate your site on top aspects of search user experience, particularly those that affect performance goals: speed, relevance, ease of navigation, personalization. Then check out this great article on the nitty gritty of advanced search user experience by UX planet.
  • Identify where your site sits in the search maturity model. You’ll want to at least plan to be where most advanced retailers are today.
  • Shift priorities to make sure you are ahead of the curve.

We hope you’ll enjoy the infographic below. To download the full survey with detailed stats, tips and trends from top retailers, click here.

Infographic - Tips for Retailers

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Ivana Ivanovic

Senior Content Strategist


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