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Introducing a RubyMotion search gem by Algolia!

If you are a Ruby developer and have an iPhone, chances are you already now about the cool project that is RubyMotion! I quote:

“It lets you quickly develop and test native iOS applications for iPhone or iPad, all using the awesome Ruby language you know and love.”

And it rocks! It’s actually used by the Ruby on Rails sponsor 37signals.

What if you could use your favorite search engine along with your favorite language to create iOS apps? That’s exactly what we propose with Algolia’s RubyMotion search gem that seamlessly integrates in your Ruby project. You know the trick:

gem 'motion-algolia-search'

The gem code is open source. You can fork it from github.

Special thanks to the RubyMotion team and especially to Joffrey for this integration!

About the author
Nicolas Dessaigne

Co-founder & board member at Algolia


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