Algolia DocSearch is now free for all docs sites

Revamp your technical documentation search experience with DocSearch! Previously only available to open-source projects, we’re excited to announce that DocSearch is now open to all technical blogs and projects. Apply today to transform your site’s search functionality.

What is DocSearch?

DocSearch serves as a complete solution for integrating seamless search into your technical documentation and websites. Powering over 170 million searches monthly, DocSearch is trusted by leading libraries and frameworks like React, Vue, and Remix. It’s already implemented on more than 8,000 other websites encompassing a wide range of technical documentation and developer blogs.

DocSearch relies on two primary features:

  1. Crawler: Managed by the Algolia Crawler, this feature is scheduled to run weekly by default. As a DocSearch admin, you have the flexibility to initiate new crawls as needed and oversee them via the Crawler interface. This interface also includes an editor for maintaining the crawler configuration, ensuring your search results stay current.
  2. UI component: Built upon the Algolia Autocomplete library, the frontend component offers an intuitive search experience through a fully configurable and responsive modal—dark mode included!
Algolia DocSearch
Getting started with Algolia DocSearch

The Evolution of DocSearch

Initially crafted in 2016 by Algolia engineers, DocSearch aimed to enhance search functionalities in open-source technical documentation. It began with engineers contributing pull-requests to major projects like Bootstrap and jQuery.

Over the years, DocSearch has undergone significant enhancements:

  • UI overhaul for better usability, accessibility, and customizability
  • Integration with the Algolia Crawler for efficient indexing
  • Works seamlessly with static site generators like Docusaurus and VuePress, and supports any HTML page

Note: We’re actively trying to make DocSearch easier to use with more platforms. Connect with us on our Discord server with suggestions!

What’s New in DocSearch?

  • Expanded availability: DocSearch is no longer restricted to just open-source projects. All technical documentation and blogs can now benefit from it.
  • Advanced features: DocSearch now integrates the latest Algolia Autocomplete version, which includes an option to enable insights. This powers Analytics, A/B testing, and AI capabilities like Dynamic Re-ranking and Dynamic Synonyms. Reach out if you’d like access!
  • Our own usage: We’re applying DocSearch directly on our own beta docs site. For a hands-on view, check out our presentation from Algolia DevCon 2023.

What’s Next?

We’re constantly looking for ways to make it easier to integrate search onto developer sites and establish partnerships with framework maintainers, event organizers, and community members. For instance, Markprompt has recently provided DocSearch users a way to integrate a combined search and AI-powered chat experience into any documentation.

How to Get Involved

  • Integrate DocSearch: Ready to upgrade your technical website’s search experience? Apply now.
  • Contribute: Want to help out? Contribute to the open-source frontend component on our GitHub repository.
  • Join the Conversation: For feedback, discussions, or questions, join us on Discord. We’re keen to hear what you think and what features you’d love to see in the future! And if you’re interested in enabling advanced AI features like Dynamic Re-ranking and Dynamic Synonyms for your DocSearch application, let us know!
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Shane Afsar

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