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We are pleased to announce the launch of Algolia Search Beta 2, our second release!
We would like to sincerely thank all of our beta testers for the great feedback. You really helped us to make Algolia Search a first-class product guys! Please continue your feedbacks!
And here what’s new in this beta2.

iOS & Android changes:
  • Improved performance for big data sets (up to three times faster). In our tests, we successfully used a 3 millions entries data set on a old iPhone 3GS. The index was 250MB large!

Documentation changes:

  • Reworked the overview
  • Fixed a lot of typos and small errors
iOS specific changes:
  • Added an AlgoliaSearch.h header that includes all public headers
  • Prefixed all public classes by AS
  • Changed addEntry selector in ASIndexWriter to be more similar to NSMutableDictionary API
  • Removed internal objects from public headers
  • Changed ASAsyncIndexSearcher API to implement the delegate pattern
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