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Algolia Search Beta 3We are pleased to announce Algolia Search Beta 3, our third release with a strong focus on performance.
As for the previous release, we would like to sincerely thank all of our beta testers for their excellent feedbacks!

Here what’s new in this beta3.

iOS & Android changes:

  • Ultra fast loading: indexes are now loaded in a few milliseconds (always less
    than 10ms!)  With the Beta 2, an index of 500MB could take up to 20 seconds to load.
  • Ultra fast search on big indexes: Beta 2 was able to search up to 100k entries
    in real time. Beta3 can search in 5M entries in real time (and probably
    more!). Our main use case was to search in all titles of the English version of
    Wikipedia on a IPhone 3GS. The speedup is also very nice for small datasets,
    the near-zero CPU usage increases battery life compared to Beta 2.
  • Highlight is now always done on longest match. In previous version a query ‘anq’ could highlight “Angeles” in
    two different ways: “Angeles” or “Angeles”, with this version you will always obtain “Angeles” which is easier to
    understand for end-users.
  • Improved proximity scoring when a query contains multiple words.
  • Fixed two memory leaks that could lead to problems with very heavy usage.
iOS specific changes:
  • Added a version without ARC that allows to target iOS >= 3.0
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