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We have great news for our iOS and OS X users: our Offline SDK is now available as a CocoaPods dependency.

Cocoapods is a popular dependency management tool that lets you specify the libraries (dependencies) you want to use for your project in an easy-to-edit text file (Podfile). It then fetches all the required libraries and sets up your Xcode workspace.

You can now set up Algolia Search Offline in your iOS project with this line in your Podfile:
pod 'AlgoliaSearchOffline-iOS-SDK'

You can also set up Algolia Search Offline in your OS X project with this line:
pod 'AlgoliaSearchOffline-OSX-SDK'

Once you’re done, simply use the “pod install” command to set up Algolia Search Offline in your project. Now it’s easy to manage library dependencies for iOS and OS X projects!

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