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Unleash Search Insights with Algolia Connector for Shopify Flow

In 2017, Shopify announced Shopify Flow, an e-commerce automation platform enabling merchants to easily automate tasks so they can focus on growing their business.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce Algolia connector for Shopify Flow, unleashing Algolia’s search and discovery insights via automated workflows between Algolia, Shopify Plus and the innovative e-commerce tools that have already integrated with Flow.

“We’re excited that Algolia has built the first search-related connector. Businesses can now automate the powerful insights you can receive from a store’s search data—a direct window into shoppers’ intent and a source of potential opportunities—across their daily workflows, apps, and Shopify” says Anthony Kentris, Product Marketing Manager at Shopify Plus

How does it work?

Creating a workflow between Algolia, Shopify, or any app that works with Flow involves simply linking three elements, leaving all the hard integration work to the app connectors. The three elements are:

  • A Trigger: an event happening in Shopify or an App. It can send data associated with the event.
  • A Condition: a rule or a set of rules that determine if a workflow should run.
  • An Action: a task performed in Shopify or an App.
Example of a workflow

Algolia and Shopify Plus: improved management and even more actionable search insights

In the 2018 Internet Retailer KPIs & Site Search Survey, 35.9% of retailers declare that in order to advance their search and discovery strategy, they would benefit from a better integration of search with their other system.

Algolia connector for Shopify Flow is all about this integration, starting with three initial triggers and their associated workflows:

  • Actionable Insights with the “Top Searches” and “No Results” triggers:
    • Top Searches sends a list of the 5 most popular searches of the day, and the first 5 results of those searches. An email or a Slack notification can then be sent to the merchant with that information, so they can adjust their inventory or merchandising campaigns on a daily basis.
    • No Results sends the most popular queries that returned no results. Like above, an email or Slack notification containing this information can be sent, allowing merchants to adapt their product offering to the wishes of their shoppers, or adopt more targeted acquisition strategies.
  • Improved management with the “Indexing Paused” trigger: the ingestion of the Shopify catalog by Algolia -or indexing, that makes it searchable, can be paused. The “Indexing Paused” trigger is pulled when this situation happens. Merchants can then receive an email or Slack notification, so they don’t have to constantly check their dashboard to monitor indexing, and focus on their business.

While we are actively working on additional triggers, workflows and actions to help merchants be more efficient, your digital storefront can already explore possibilities using the Shopify Flow platform. For instance, merchants can already create workflows that will include the top results of the week’s most popular searches in their weekly newsletter, or automatically create Asana tasks to remind them of adding products that would answer the no result searches to their catalogues.

Get started

We’re excited to be the first search and discovery solution to join the Shopify Flow community.

Click here to get started with Algolia connector for Shopify Flow.

We have even more exciting triggers and actions to come, but in the meantime, do not hesitate to share your ideas with us: What triggers or actions should we implement next? What would help you most in your workflow? Do not hesitate to share your ideas in the comments

About the author
Matthieu Blandineau

Sr. Product Marketing Manager


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