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After going back and forth a few times with Apple, we are really happy to announce the availibility of our Smart Contacts application on the App Store! Even if we built it to demonstrate the amazing features of our search technology SDK, it can be used as an in-place replacement of the traditional iPhone Contacts app. Check it up!

Smart Contacts demo hits the App Store

Outstanding Search Features

It plugs directly into your iPhone contacts and classically allows you to update them or create new ones. What’s more interesting is the Search integration! It features:Smart Contacts Screenshot

  • Instant search with autocompletion and visual feedback as you type
  • Search on all contacts attributes (name, company, notes, etc.)
  • Typo tolerance to account for smartphone small keyboards
  • And even search by initials!

iOS API Limitations

There are a few of features we would have loved to integrate that were not possible due to limitations in iOS APIs: group management, in place replacement of contacts in the phone app (that’s maybe a lot to ask!), and ranking based on contact popularity.

Free your Imagination!

If you ever wanted to see Algolia Search in action, now is the time. Check it up with your own data and imagine what Algolia can do for the application you develop!

And don’t forget your 5 stars ranking 😉

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