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Reveal the Hacker Within: Build a Better Search Experience for Free with Algolia’s new Hacker Plan

Nov 10th 2015 product

Reveal the Hacker Within: Build a Better Search Experience for Free with Algolia’s new Hacker Plan

Yes, Algolia has a free version, and now it’s even better.

Like many SaaS companies, we offer a version of our product that’s free to use. We want people to be able to try Algolia without feeling like they have to make a financial commitment, and we also want to make our technology available to companies just starting out who might not be able to afford any monthly subscription fee.

But our free plan, otherwise known as our Hacker plan, just wasn’t cutting it. We have historically limited access to this plan to select open source projects and nonprofits, but we want to really allow people to test the full functionality of Algolia. Ultimately, our Hacker plan couldn’t have the restrictions we initially put in place.

So, we decided to change it.

Our new Hacker plan lets any organization sign up for Algolia and run up to 100,000 operations on 10,000 records without limiting any of the functionality such as instant search and custom ranking that you’ve come to expect from our product (we only ask for unobtrusive branding in return). Whether you’re a CTO who wants to fully evaluate a search solution before allocating budget or a developer whose project could benefit from instant search, we hope our Hacker plan gives you the access you need to best-in-class search technology.

And if you get to a point where the Hacker plan doesn’t meet your needs anymore, it’s really easy to upgrade to one of Algolia’s paid plans. All of your data moves with you, and the upgrade is seamless.

One of the reasons for the Hacker plan is to support organizations furthering technology and programs doing good to the best of our abilities. We hope nonprofits and community projects such as Laravel can continue to take advantage of our free offering. Laravel has been using Algolia to enable search within the documentation for their PHP framework, allowing them to focus their money and efforts on enabling others to build more agile applications.

That’s our Hacker plan in a nutshell. Feel free to sign up and let us know what you think. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or concerns.

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Nicolas Dessaigne

Co-founder & board member at Algolia


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