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Round table at Microsoft TechDays 2013

I had the pleasure to be invited by David Catuhe to participate in a round table about Windows8 development during Microsoft TechDays 2013!

I was joined by Christopher Maneu from Deezer and Guillaume Leborgne from MCNext, both deeply involved in Windows development. David (cropped from the photo) led the discussion with Jean Ferré, who leads the developers, platform and ecosystem division at Microsoft France.

The discussion was very interesting and openly addressed the late start of Microsoft on mobile. They seem to have spared no effort to ease the work of developers, for example by opening the platform to development in HTML5/Javascript. I confess I initially thought it was a strange choice for native apps but it seems to have attracted quite a few web developers.

This round table was a great opportunity to meet smart people and gain insight into the Microsoft platform! Thanks also to the journalists in attendance who covered Algolia in the IT press.

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Nicolas Dessaigne

Co-founder & board member at Algolia


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