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The almost comprehensive list of resources for developers to evaluate Algolia

Jan 12th 2022 product

The almost comprehensive list of resources for developers to evaluate Algolia

Hi there. If you’re here, you’re probably evaluating whether Algolia is the right solution for the problem you’re trying to solve. And you’re probably looking for third party, factual information to do so – bonus points for your peers’ point of view on our technology.

We understand that you might want to forge your opinion based mostly on any content except ours, and we encourage you to do so ☺ But we still want to help you in this process! So we’ve referenced here everything we could find on the internet – favorable or not – as well as all our technical content (documentation, code exchange, customer implementations, …) that we believe could help you make up your own mind about Algolia.

We expect to list more assets as they become available. If you spot anything new, or if we’ve missed something, please let us know.

Enough talking, here’s the list.

Unsolicited discussions and opinions about Algolia

We didn’t ask – people just shared their thoughts about Algolia.

Source Type Year Link
Reddit Community discussions 2019 Does uses algolia wrong or is algolia just trash?
HackerNews Algolia review, discussion 2020 Algolia introduces pay-as-you-go pricing for search
Reddit Community discussions 2020 Implementing search, should I go for Algolia or is Rails/Postgres enough?
HackerNews Algolia review, discussion 2021 Evolution of Search Engines Architecture – Algolia Search Architecture Part 1
Reddit Community discussions 2021 Firebase recommending you use Algolia for search is like McDonald’s recommending you go to Burger King for fries

Algolia vs ..

People compared us to some of our competitors.

Source Type Year Link
Independant Blog Algolia vs Elasticsearch 2019 Migrating Halodoc Search from Algolia to Elastic Search
Other Forum Algolia vs .. 2020 Suggestions for Search API service. Something cheaper than Algolia
Reddit Algolia vs Elasticsearch 2020 Elastic Search Vs Algolia Search
StackShare Algolia vs Elasticsearch 2021 Algolia vs Elasticsearch
Independant Blog Algolia vs Elasticsearch 2021 The Elasticsearch sideshow and why Algolia is the better be
Reddit Community discussions, Algolia reviews 2021 Using algolia or custom elastic search service?
Vendor Algolia vs Elasticsearch

Algolia vs Typesense

Algolia vs Meilsearch

2021 Compare Typesense vs Algolia vs ElasticSearch vs Meilisearch

Solicited and unsolicited Algolia reviews

Anyone can leave a review on these websites at any time. In some cases,  we proactively reached out to our users to leave reviews.

Algolia search and live implementations

Assess the end-user experience by yourself.

Algolia docs & Algolia API docs

Assess if Algolia would be a good fit for your use case and your stack.

See what you can build with Algolia

Try it yourself

We hope we’ve helped you in your evaluation process. If you’d like to recommend any additional asset to list here, please contact us. For more resources, visit our developer hub.


About the author
Matthieu Blandineau

Sr. Product Marketing Manager


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