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We ranked Second at Start In Paris!

Start In Paris is a monthly event where 5 startups have the opportunity to pitch their service to the Paris startup community. After a first selection and then a public vote, we were selected as one of 5 finalists of the #22 edition that took place yesterday, January the 28th!

Start In Paris

Algolia has greatly evolved over the last few months, so it was an excellent occasion for us to test a new pitch! And the response has truly exceeded our expectations. After a 5 minute pitch we received a rush of questions, displaying interest and insight from the 400-strong audience!

While we were the only tech startup to pitch to an audience including only a few developers, we ranked second in votes, just behind Kitchen Trotter, our fellow Seedcamp finalist from last December. Congrat to them, they were truly excellent!

[Edit 03-Feb-2013] Check out Alexis Niki great feedback about the event on Rude Baguette [/Edit]

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Nicolas Dessaigne

Co-founder & board member at Algolia


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