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Evolution 7

Uses Algolia to deliver high-speed search solutions to their customers.

About Evolution 7

Boutique Digital Agency

Melbourne, Australia -

>15msaverage search speed

100Ksearches per month




Evolution 7's client, Abercrombie & Kent, wanted a unified search solution that allowed users to find relevant journeys quickly and easily, whilst surfacing relevant content from other parts of the site.


In just four weeks, one Evolution 7 developer with no prior Algolia experience was able to build a unique search experience that sold A&K on Algolia.


224% search volume increase, 418% brochure downloads increase.

Evolution 7 is a Melbourne based digital agency and one of our first partners in the APAC region. With a user-centred philosophy fuelled by strategic insights and backed by cutting edge technology, Evolution 7 always strives to build exciting and innovative work that delivers surprise and delight.

What does Evolution 7 do?

Evolution 7 is a boutique digital agency based in Melbourne, creating experiences that connect more deeply with the user through human-centred design. They work with clients across a range of different industries delivering bespoke digital experiences, driving growth & revenue, and developing powerful technical solutions and infrastructure.

Search is one of the prime components for intuitive user experiences and in today&s world of instant gratification, nothing is as important as finding the right data at the right time. Evolution 7&s team goes to great measures to build unique search experiences for each of their clients. One of these clients is Abercrombie and Kent, a leading luxury travel agency in Australia.

Abercrombie and Kent website screenshot

The challenge

Abercrombie & Kent has been pioneering tailor-made and luxury holidays since 1962 but unfortunately the search experience on their site was not living up to this pioneering spirit.

A&K had identified frustrations by users with the current search offering. Previously, when the user clicked on the search icon or visited the homepage they would only see a journey-specific search. While the user could click 'search site' in order to search all website content, data suggested this was not often being done.

Evolution 7 was engaged to rethink the entire search user experience to fundamentally enhance the way users engaged with the rich and varied site content. Speed and accuracy were the most important factors, along with flexibility and the ability to create faceted content surfacing for better user discovery. Algolia fit the bill - the ability to enable designers to create a thoroughly personalized, world-class user experience was a compelling factor in the adoption of the Algolia platform. “The fact that such a comprehensive solution was available at such an attractive price went a long way in making our decision,” says Mack Nevill, Founder, Evolution 7.

Search is one of the prime components for intuitive user experiences and in today's world of instant gratification, the difference of a few seconds can mean the difference between a successful conversion and failure.

The vision

Mack and his team wanted to create a search solution like no other. Their vision for A&K was to create a search UX that enabled users to search all parts of the website simultaneously with filters that updated in real-time, all from the same search bar. What this meant, behind the scenes, is that four searches had to take place asynchronously in order for the experience on the website to run smoothly. Creating a search experience like this using traditional TF:IDF technologies could take several months with an entire team of experts on the project. With Algolia, the majority of the work was done in just four weeks with a single developer who had no prior knowledge or experience working with Algolia.

Iceland keyword search

The result

In the two months following the launch of Algolia for A&K, there have been significant improvements in both site search volume and conversions.

Key metrics:

  • 224% increase in unique searches compared to the previous period.
  • 227% increase in web leads.
  • 418% increase in brochure downloads compared to the previous year.

The new search experience enables users to find results across a number of areas of the website. “Through the implementation of Algolia, we have been able to provide users of the A&K website a beautiful, responsive and immersive search experience, allowing them to surface and discover a range of content quickly, easily and in real time after every keystroke,” says Mack. As a result of the new and improved search experience, unique searches performed by 224%. Algolia provides Abercrombie & Kent's end users with the shortest path to relevant information on the website which has led to a 205% increase in overall conversion rate compared to the last year.

The fact that such a comprehensive solution was available at such an attractive price went a long way in making our decision.

What next?

Besides radically driving business outcomes for Abercrombie and Kent, improving the search experience has allowed Evolution 7 to concentrate on building other features for them. Mack also adds “Algolia's technology has been built to scale for billions of searches, meaning we can relax knowing that we don't need to invest further in the infrastructure at a later date.”

Algolia empowered Evolution 7 to build a unique, world class search experience which allowed Abercrombie and Kent to deliver results to their end-users in under 10 ms. Evolution 7 is excited to implement Algolia for other clients, and to create even more engaging highly personalized search experiences.Visit A&K Australia search experienceVisit Evolution 7 website

Algolia feels like next generation search technology delivered today — compelling UX, highly scalable and cost-­effective to boot”