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Intrend: Increasing Average Order Value by 19% at Intrend with agile search

Intrend is one of the most influential Italianfactory outlets in the women’s clothing market,combining a wide range of different productsthat you would typically find in an outlet withthe quality of service provided by the mostprestigious ready-to-wear clothing stores.


Intrend is one of the most influential Italian factory outlets in the women’s clothing market, combining a wide range of different products that you would typically find in an outlet with the quality of service provided by the most prestigious ready-to-wear clothing stores. 

From the opening of its first store in Boretto in 1994 until today, Intrend has adapted to change in a positive way by developing highly specialised processes over time to meet changing consumer needs. With its digital store, it chose Algolia to stay true to this process to deliver an engaging, shopper-centric digital experience.

Use case

B2C Ecommerce, Retail - Apparel and fashion



Feature usage

InstantSearch, Query Suggestions, Typo Tolerance, Search as you type, Business Relevance

Key results
  • from 8% to 10% of visitors using search

  • +2% of Click Through Rate

  • 19% increase in Average Order Value

The challenge

  • 1.

    An always changing market

The solution

  • 1.

    Turning a rigid IT service into an agile business advantage

The result

  • 1.

    A business approach to search that brings tangible outcomes

The challenge

An always changing market

As many fashion retailers, Intrend’s year is driven by specific events and seasons. Every well known period such as the Holiday season will have sub-seasons within it that have different sales policies, merchandising strategies, and catalog availability. Every famous runway show will lead Intrend’s shoppers to look for the latest trending items, and those will change over time.

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To delight their shoppers while making the most out of each time of the year, visibility, control and agility over the experience is key for Intrend’s marketing and merchandising teams. Before moving to Algolia, Intrend’s search tool was managed by the IT department, which had their own priorities and limited resources to answer the always-evolving needs of the business teams and online shoppers. It made it impossible for the online marketing and merchandising teams to continuously adapt the digital experience to the trends and changing seasons.

The solution

Turning a rigid IT service into an agile business advantage

After implementing Algolia on its online store and integrating it with their systems, Intrend quickly made the most out of Algolia’s search-as-a-service capabilities. 

Algolia’s user friendly interface made it part of the daily workflow of Intrend’s business team. Thanks to Algolia’s Advanced Analytics, the team can detect the latest trends their shoppers are looking for during every season of the year to compare them with their forecasts and predictions, as well as act on those insights in near real-time. 

Leveraging Algolia’s powerful ranking strategy, Intrend can merchandise the entire catalog with a few clicks, incorporating criteria such as availability, newest arrival and best selling items in the products ranking, and then A/B test those changes to verify their impact on the performance of the digital experience.

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On top of these global merchandising rules, Intrend’s team can leverage Algolia Visual Editor to merchandise and visualize the search results on a query by query level, or across the entire store, category by category. Doing so, they can instantly adapt to the latest trends, anticipate the next runway show, or promote their most critical sale items. 

As a fashion retailer, Intrend wanted to implement Algolia’s personalization capabilities as a key element of the search experience. This allowed Intrend to improve the online navigation and offer 1-to-1 personalized listings to each shopper. 

With every fashion brand having its own specific details, it was critical for Intrend to be able to tailor the personalization strategy to their needs. For Intrend, the goal behind personalization is to have shoppers go more quickly to the product detail page. Intrend’s merchandising and marketing teams knew that important criteria for personalization within the product catalog are the color and material of the products.

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They also understood that the most relevant events to track shopper affinity are clicks on product pages and conversions coming from search. Thanks to Algolia’s personalization dashboard, Intrend was able to tailor its personalization to those factors, without any coding. And with the personalization simulator, Intrend’s team could assess how their personalization impacts results, in near real-time. 

Intrend’s business team can perform all those tasks without the assistance of the IT team, allowing the IT team to focus on their priorities and Intrend marketing and merchandising teams to meet business needs with greater agility.

The result

A business approach to search that brings tangible outcomes

Intrend’s strategy and implementation of Algolia are delivering positive results on the shopper experience, as the proportion of users using Intrend's search jumped from 8% to 10%. This improved experience has direct business impact for Intrend, as search users represent an important source of their online revenue. 

Adding Algolia personalization to their online store brought an even larger impact for Intrend, including a 2 percentage point increase in click-through rate and a 19% increase in the Average Order value. 

Overall, the implementation of Algolia and the continuous merchandising of the experience brought an important increase of revenue for Intrend’s entire online business in Italy. 

Moving forward, Intrend wants to give even more departments access to Algolia, to leverage each merchandiser's area of expertise and tailor the experience for their shoppers.

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