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TrendyMinds and Algolia partnered to create a personalized and easy to manage search experience for the Indiana University Health website


Indiana University Health (IU Health) is the largest network of physicians in the state of Indiana. Its unique partnership with Indiana University School of Medicine gives patients access to the nation’s leading medical and treatment options. When it came time to elevate their digital presence, IU Health turned to TrendyMinds, a digital agency specializing in film, marketing, and web, to create a personalized and patient-focused website experience. As a trusted digital agency partner, TrendyMinds collaborated with Algolia to build IU Health’s search experience from the ground up — turning a traditional search box into an innovative discovery experience.

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Key results
  • 17% increase in appts scheduled online

The challenge

  • 1.

    Create a personalized web experience to connect patients with fast and immediate access to vital information

  • 2.

    Provide a fast, accurate, and personalized search experience to visitors

The solution

  • 1.

    17% increase in online scheduled appointments

The challenge

IU Health entrusted TrendyMinds with the redesign of their website, One of the primary goals for the project was to create a personalized web experience to connect patients with fast and immediate access to vital information such as physician care and medical resources. Additionally, IU Health manages their data across multiple data repositories and needed a solution to simplify the backend management and indexing of the website in order to create a seamless experience for the end user. Both of these outcomes would be heavily impacted by the website’s search technology.

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TrendyMinds understood the key role search would play in a successful website project, both from the user experience perspective, and the backend administrative perspective. They needed a top of the line solution that would not only provide a fast, accurate, and personalized search experience to visitors but one that could empower their client with an intuitive and clean backend admin experience. They chose Algolia for the job.

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The solution

With TrendyMinds’ strategic guidance and engineering resources, IU Health implemented Algolia to power all of the search and discovery experiences on their website. Within two weeks of launch, the website experienced a 16% increase in searches. But TrendyMinds knew that simple website search was just the beginning, and rolled up their sleeves alongside the IU Health team to use Algolia solutions to address some of the legacy site administration pain points associated with provider pages.

TrendyMinds image 3’s original provider pages were an administrative pain point. The provider discovery experience relies on a complex network of data in order to surface comprehensive information about relevant healthcare providers to website visitors. In order to display provider ratings, contact information, bios and more, IU Health relies on data from several first and third party sources. 

To further complicate things, each source has its own individual endpoint through which it delivers information, resulting in a hectic backend for the IU Health Digital Marketing and Experience Team. Moving to Algolia allowed the team to streamline all data sources, enabling them to power their webpages from Algolia alone. This innovative way of using Algolia allowed IU Health to clean up their webpage data management as well as the logic that plays into the webpage display. 

When IU Health trusted TrendyMinds to deliver a cutting edge digital experience, they were trusting them to recommend the most innovative and impactful solutions to power the project. Since implementing Algolia as a key component of the new experience, has seen a 17% increase in online scheduled appointments. TrendyMinds recognized Algolia as a giant in the search space, and identified opportunities for their client to leverage the technology in creative ways, beyond the search box. Algolia works behind the scenes to power entire web page experiences.

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