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How PubNub is using Algolia Site Search to shorten the buyer’s journey

By offering a frictionless experience to our visitors, extended insights to our marketing team, and simplicity for anyone to manage the experience, Algolia is the pillar of our digital experience

Wayne Willyard

Head of Digital Experience @ PubNub


In today’s “always-on”, on-demand economy, PubNub offers a realtime communication platform to support the largest realtime deployments to meet user needs and expectations, as well as added features for application areas like chat, collaboration, and IoT device control to further accelerate build and release times. With realtime interactions just a click away -- from ordering car service, to tracking food delivering, to live chat, PubNub is core to making such interactions happen and empowers developers at companies such as Adobe, DocuSign, and Yelp to answer their most critical business needs.

Use case

B2C Ecommerce, Site search


San Francisco, California, US

Customer since

since 2018

Key results
  • Shortened buyer's journey

  • Improved developer experience

The challenge

  • 1.

    build a website experience tailored to different audience groups

The solution

  • 1.

    Amplifying PubNub content through Site Search

The result

  • 1.

    Site Search at the service of the business

The challenge

Build a website experience tailored to different audience groups

As the main gateway to PubNub’s product and content,’s mission is to convince developers and business buyers alike that PubNub has the best API to create connected, realtime experiences. 

Given the variety of needs of those different buyer personas, and PubNub’s 10,000+ pieces of content, satisfying everyone while serving PubNub’s business goals, is a true user experience challenge. 

“It is critical that we efficiently address all our personas within the same interface. We want to give them the freedom to navigate our content without friction, to leverage our content to inspire them.” Wayne Willyard Head of Digital Experience, PubNub 

From blog posts to documentation pages to white papers to case studies, there are many types of content addressing the various PubNub’s personas, each with their specific access path. Without a cohesive experience on top of it, this content is siloed, and yields only a fraction of its potential.

The solution

Amplifying PubNub content through Site Search

PubNub leverages Algolia Site Search to turn a heterogeneous catalog of information into a unified, intelligent gateway to PubNub’s offering. The PubNub visitor experience starts when visitors click on search from any page of the website.

PubNub surfaces to the visitor recommended searches and inspire them with featured resources promoted by the marketing team.

Pubnub image 1

From the moment visitors start typing the first letter for their search, each visitor is dynamically presented with categorized content that is most relevant to them to Explore, Learn, and Develop, and given the ability to further explore from there. 

Business buyers will arrive on with a problem to solve in mind. Through site search, PubNub guides them by surfacing and offering the ability to further refine decision making content such as case studies, white papers, videos, directly related to their problem. 

They don’t have to explore an entire website to get a clear idea of how to solve their problem using PubNub. The site search radically simplifies and shortens the consideration process.

Pubnub image 2

On the other hand, developers will be looking for very specific answers to their questions, most frequently for their favorite programming language. As a developerfirst company, PubNub contextualizes Site Search for the documentation to provide a granular, straight-to-the-point experience. 

“Implementing our vision of our ideal experience via Algolia Site Search on allowed us to dramatically shorten the consideration process for our buyer personas and the exploration phase for developers.” Wayne Willyard Head of Digital Experience, PubNub

The result

Site Search at the service of the business 

In addition to direct benefits to PubNub’s digital experience, Algolia has become a key source of insights for the broad organization. 

PubNub’s marketing team regularly looks at Algolia Search Analytics to make sure the search trends and SEO and SEM keywords are aligned, and to adjust the strategy as needed. Search insights also enable them to prioritize which content to focus on. 

Search Analytics also serves as a data point for PubNub’s product team. They can assess if their audiences search for certain market trends, indicating that they would expect such additions to PubNub’s product. 

The next initiative for PubNub is to further enable the marketing team to tune the Site Search experience to their needs. Algolia is now on the product release checklist, to make sure content related to the release is showcased in the experience. 

“By offering a frictionless experience to our visitors, extended insights to our marketing team, and simplicity for anyone to manage the experience, Algolia is the pillar of our digital experience” Wayne Willyard Head of Digital Experience, PubNub 

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