How TAG Heuer Creates a Seamless eCommerce Experience With Blazing Fast Search and Discovery

Tuesday, 12 July | 1:00pm CEST

This event has now concluded. View the recording here!

As a brand that’s synonymous with luxury, TAG Heuer recognizes that an exceptional product and an exceptional online shopping experience go hand in hand. And if the customer can’t quickly and easily find what they want on your site? Well, they’ll just shop elsewhere! Consider the spending trends of eCommerce businesses: enabling customers to find products quickly is the biggest driving factor behind investment in search and discovery tools. (Coleman Parkes Research) For digital retailers, time is of the essence

Join us as digital expert and Algolia customer Pascal Sardella, Digital Platforms Administrator at TAG Heuer, chats with Algolia’s Andreas De Stefani, Solutions Engineer, about how his team builds and maintains a seamless online shopping experience for their customers with blazing fast search and discovery. 

Pascal and Andreas will discuss:

  • The technical side of building an exceptional digital commerce experience
  • How Algolia can integrate with your tech stack
  • Best practices for implementation
  • and more!

The Digital Experts


Digital Platforms Administrator

Pascal Sardella


Solutions Engineer

Andreas De Stefani