Integrate Adobe Experience Manager with Algolia

Integrate Adobe Experience Manager with Algolia



Algolia Connector for Adobe Experience Manager provides a rapid integration between Adobe Experience Manager and Algolia Search & Discovery. The Connector leverages the Algolia API to index Adobe Experience Manager managed content (page and associated components' properties) and asset metadata into the Algolia index or indexes.

The Adobe Experience Manager connector package provides:

  • Adobe Experience Manager Algolia configurations
  • Adobe Experience Manager Cloud Services Configuration Template
  • Adobe Experience Manager Search Component using Algolia’s InstantSearch JS library

Supported Versions: Adobe Experience Manager 6.5+ deployed as On-Prem, Adobe Managed Services, or Adobe Cloud Service


Enables seamless and non-intrusive integration between Algolia Search & Discovery and Adobe Experience Manager that not only amplifies the power but also enriches the features of Adobe Experience Manager by adding AI-powered search, discovery and recommendations along with security, reliability and scalability provided by Algolia.

The connector enables a rapid integration between Adobe Experience Manager and Algolia Search & Discovery with following capabilities:

  • Automatic Indexing of page and asset content (index create and/or update) on Publish / Activation.
  • Automatic clean-up of page and asset content (index delete) on Unpublish / Deactivation.
  • Index Sites and Assets.
  • Support both per content indexing as well as bulk indexing (utilizing Sling Distribution Agent for path indexing as a tree).
  • Allows configuration inheritance.



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