Integrate Firebase with Algolia

Implement full-text search of Cloud Firestore data



Full-text search of your Cloud Firestore data, now in minutes with the Firebase Algolia extension.

Use this extension to index your Cloud Firestore data to Algolia and keep it synced. The extension is applied and configured on a Firestore collection.

This extension listens for changes on the specified collection. If you add a document, the extension indexes it as a record in Algolia. The extension only indexes the fields defined in the extension configuration and uses the document Id as the Algolia object Id.

Anytime you update a document, the extension propagates the update to the corresponding Algolia record. If you delete a document, the extension removes the corresponding Algolia record.


  • No code to get up and running
  • Real-time data auto-indexing for scalable and fast search
  • Set up or combine multiple collections, or sub-collections, into a single search index
  • Optimize search ranking to offer the most accurate results
  • Built-in typo tolerance and synonyms, tailored to your database jargon or domain logic


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Sajid Momin

Sajid Momin

Senior Director @Algolia

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