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The Blackbird accelerator by supersonic offers a modular design integrating with key platforms like commercetools, Contentful, and Algolia, enabling quick time-to-market and supporting diverse e-commerce functionalities including content management, secure payments, and AI-driven technologies.

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Unlock limitless commerce horizons with the supersonic Blackbird accelerator. Blackbird is an e-commerce accelerator that enables clients to establish a scalable commerce platform, aligned with modern MACH architecture. Blackbird enables customers to take a true head start in its projects with a quick time-to-market. Allowing your business to benefit from truly next-gen enterprise commerce experiences.

Blackbird seamlessly integrates with the latest MACH alliance platforms, with a primary focus on commercetools. This provides an all-encompassing solution that enriches diverse e-commerce touchpoints, spanning content management, search capabilities, secure payments, personalized experiences, loyalty management, and AI-driven technologies.

Blackbird’s modular design not only enhances the performance of your solution but also allows to easily cherry-pick amongst the large baked-in feature set and integrations. Blackbird is the result of quality in-house development, Blackbird thrives on the bedrock of MACH principles, seamlessly hosted across enterprise clouds, offering unparalleled scalability and flexibility. This fusion empowers businesses to construct and expand their online storefronts effortlessly, embarking on a journey of growth.

Composition of the Accelerator

Blackbird: beyond boundaries, across clouds. Our exceptional Blackbird accelerator seamlessly navigates through every cloud, fluidly transitioning across platforms like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and tailored hosting solutions. This agility not only accelerates project launches but ensures unwavering adaptability for the future.

 Intertwined with the commercetools engine, Blackbird forges vital connections with cornerstone platforms: 

  • Contentful: The content management powerhouse. 
  • Algolia: Elevating search functionality to new heights. 
  • Adyen or Mollie: Facilitating secure payment pathways. 
  • Voucherify: Fueling a dynamic loyalty platform. 
  • Okta: Crafting a robust identity management foundation. 
  • Google Marketing Platform and Analytics: Driving strategic insights.

 These integrations, among others, create a powerful and feature-rich solution capable of handling the most complex and high-demanding e-commerce requirements. Furthermore, Blackbird is continuously being enriched with new features by our R&D team.

 This assembly of integrations births an imposing solution tailored for the most intricate and high-demanding e-commerce landscapes. Blackbird's evolution is ceaseless, continuously enriched by our visionary R&D team.

From a technical vantage, Blackbird pulsates with our supersonic DNA, a true technical marvel combining best-of-breed solutions and frameworks: 

  • Microservices: Enhancing performance, adapting to diverse scenarios - synchronous (API extensions) or asynchronous (subscriptions).
  • NuxtJS Storefront: The headless masterpiece, empowered by API calls.
  • API-Powered: A symphony of direct platform calls (e.g., commercetools) and secure API-based microservices, orchestrated via hybrid-BFF layers or cloud functions. 
  • Cloud-based: Being a genuinely cloud-agnostic solution, full flexibility is provided. Moreover, next-gen cloud-based solutions are utilized such as AWS Fargate instances or AWS Lambdas, to serve specific project needs.
  • Docker: The storefront is hosted as a Docker container in the cloud, allowing for easy scalability both vertically and horizontally, meeting the demands of growing businesses.
  • Modularity: Blackbird's modular essence facilitates frictionless component swapping and platform augmentation, preserving the core accelerator integrity.

Benefits of the Accelerator

Invoking the Blackbird accelerator grants you access to a multitude of advantages for kick-starting your e-commerce journey the right way:

  • Embrace a revolutionized launch: With the Blackbird accelerator by your side, your e-commerce journey takes off on an accelerated trajectory, reducing the time between idea and reality. Swift launches mean seizing opportunities in real-time, capitalizing on cost efficiencies while they're at their peak.
  • Modular architecture: Blackbird offers a robust foundation equipped with easily activatable modules and integrations, streamlining the initial setup and supporting future expansions with minimal hassle.
  • Addressing diverse business requirements: From efficient content management and search optimization to effective e-mail marketing and a wide array of e-commerce features, Blackbird caters to all your business requirements, including specific retail functionality.
  • Well-designed storefront: The solution boasts a custom headless NuxtJS storefront, without vendor lock-in. A visual marvel designed to elevate user experience, transforming clicks into loyal customers.
  • Future-Proof: The inherent flexibility and scalability of Blackbird ensure that your e-commerce platform remains adaptable to changing market demands and future innovations.


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