Blog Search with Algolia & Amplience Example

Example blog application that use Algolia's Search indexes populated using our dc-integrations-algolia integration

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This is an example blog that demonstrates how you can integrate Algolia Search indexes populated from published content in Dynamic Content.

A requirement for running this demo application is that a blogpost content item must have been published from Dynamic Content and indexed within Algolia. The rendering templates must also have been added to your Content Hub.


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Built by Algolia's developer community, not supported by Algolia




Amplience is a commerce experience platform that gives B2B and B2C commerce companies the freedom to win in the modern experience economy. Amplience is developer-powered and business-enabled and built on a MACH architecture which delivers a force multiplier in terms of speed, agility and scalability for creating digital experiences.

Ben Pearey

Ben Pearey

Front End Developer @amplience

Marc Easen

Marc Easen

Lead Software Engineer @amplience

Oliver Secluna

Oliver Secluna

Product owner of Amplience's Ecommerce Platform Integrations

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