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UI template to get you up and running quickly for your headless storefront

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The Ecommerce UI template helps mobile developers and UI/UX designers build an online store that matches your business needs. It’s a quick start package, designed to be mobile-first, optimized for UI/UX using Algolia’s UI design kit, and embracing search and discovery best practices.

The UI template has two main screens:

  • Home page, which focuses on user “product discovery”.
  • Product listing page, which unifies search and product discovery into a single experience allowing users to find products by combining keyword-based search and facet-based navigation.

The UI template uses the best of the Algolia platform:

  • Search and browse
  • Query suggestions
  • Dynamic Re-ranking
  • Sorting
  • Personalization
  • Sending events
  • Click and conversion analytics
  • A/B testing
  • Merchandising
  • Banners


The Ecommerce UI template has significant benefits for developers creating an online store:

  • It’s production-ready. As a developer, you can tailor the UI template to your business using pre-packaged, customizable components. You can re-use as much of the template as you like and customize the rest.
  • You get a beautiful, mobile-friendly search and discovery experience.
  • The UI template focuses on great user experience and performance.

Get inspired and speed up your storefront implementation with this starter kit based on React and Next.js that helps you build an attractive, first-class search and discovery experience.



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Fabien Motte

Fabien Motte

Hey, I'm Fabien, a Junior Software Engineer interested in front-end development as well as creative development and 3D.

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