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Recommend is the repository packaging the UI components for Algolia Recommend, available for Vanilla JavaScript and React.

Algolia Recommend lets you display recommendations on your website. Recommendations encourage users to expand their search and browse more broadly. Users can quickly jump to similar or complementary items if they don’t find a precise match.

Frequently Bought Together recommends items that are likely to be often bought together. To find such items, Recommend looks at conversion events, which are events towards a goal, for example, a purchase. Two or more items are considered bought together if the same user performs conversions with these items on the same day. The model learns from these examples to suggest items that are likely to go well together, which will include historical co-purchases as well as new potential ones.


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François Chalifour

François Chalifour

Software Engineer @algolia • dx • ux • skate • music

Clément Vannicatte

Clément Vannicatte

I like keyboards and shortcuts

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