Hits Searcher Flutter Component

This component handles search requests and manages search sessions.

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This component is the main entry point for Flutter Helpers: it handles search requests and manages search sessions.

HitsSearcher component has the following behavior:

  • Distinct state changes (including initial state) will trigger a search operation
  • State changes are debounced
  • On a new search request, any previous ongoing search calls will be cancelled

Algolia for Flutter is an open source library that lets you quickly build a search and discovery interface in your cross-platform Flutter application. The goal of the library is to help you implement awesome search experience as smoothly as possible, including autocomplete search experience, faceting, sorting, search hits highlighting and much more. Algolia Flutter Helper tackles an important part of this vast goal by providing business-logic components and helpers so that you can assemble into unique search interface. It joins the InstantSearch libraries family, but provide only the basic functionalities.


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