Indexing Markdown files and metadata using Node JS

Parses the top GitHub repositories and collects the documentation and metadata available to build a powerful project discovery experience using Node JS and Algolia's InstantSearch library.

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Algolia Document indexer application implements a document indexer & search application that can be used to search in project documentation, essentially finding projects that were done in a specific technology, topic or contains specific domain knowledge that we might be looking for. This demo implementation scrapes the top GitHub repositories, stores their in Algolia and makes them searchable.

This application lets you search for attributes existing within the internal documentation markdown files:

  1. Technologies used (coding languages, databases, etc)
  2. Project keywords (tags)
  3. Project documentation itself such as install instructions, technical documentation, etc.
  4. Timeframe of when the project occurred

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Built by Algolia's developer community, not supported by Algolia


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