Integrate Algolia Search with NopCommerce

Integrate Algolia search and filtering capabilities into your NopCommerce store with NopExpress Algolia plugin.

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Integrate Algolia search & Filter services on your nopCommerce store with nopCommerceplus Algolia Search & Filter Integration plugin. 

This plugin lets customers easily search and filter through categories, vendors, manufacturers, specifications, product ratings, prices, and much more, allowing them quickly find products.

The Algolia plugin supports advanced filtering for faster searches with intelligent prediction and auto-complete feature. This functionality lets your customers find the products they are looking for faster and more conveniently. 

Selling is vital for store owners. Losing customers due to e-commerce sites that are too slow is a common challenge. One of the easiest ways to resolve this problem and boost your sales is by making your site nimble. We provide a NopExpress integrated with Algolia, compatible with any content management tool or software system of your choice.

The capabilities include: multifaceted search engine solution that empowers users to get real-time results with every keystroke, across all platforms and devices.


  • Typo Tolerance: Deliver relevant results, regardless of user errors with robust, out-of-the-box typo tolerance.
  • Query Rules: Define rules, offers and promotions based on specific parameters defined by your business.
  • Query Suggestions: Harness historical search data and click through rates to suggest the perfect query at every keystroke.
  • Filters and Facets: Enable discovery with powerful filtering functionality and pre-built faceting widgets.
  • Multi-Lingual: Used in over 100 countries and in 80 languages, Algolia is ready for your global user base.
  • Synonyms Create: your own synonym dictionary, unique to your business, to guide users to the right results.
  • Transparent Relevancy: Take control of your relevance engine with transparent and customizable rules.
  • Custom Ranking: Inject business data into your search results with customizable ranking attributes.
  • A/B Testing: Uncover the best performing relevance strategy by running controlled experiments.
  • Personalization: Serve your users the best results for them based on their past behaviors, demographics, or anything else.


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NopCommerceplus is initiated by Forefront Infotech. Our main goal is to provide best eCommerce solution for our customers.

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Integrate NopCommerce with Algolia

Integrate Algolia search capabilities into your NopCommerce store.