Integrate Algolia with MageNative

A no-code app builder that builds your brand. MageNative mobile app builder helps you turn your online store into a scalable and adaptable mobile app.



MageNative brings the coolest app maker to develop native mobile apps for Android & iOS within minutes. It is a zero code app builder with drag & drop feature enabling you to build your app the way you have always visualized it. With MageNative mobile App builder, you get everything you need to make a user-centric app. 

Integrate Algolia Search and Discovery with MageNative Shopify Mobile App Builder. Algolia integrates with your Shopify collections and catalog to provide navigation and a frictionless experience. Enabling Algolia Shopify integration helps you to create a relevant, powerful, and scalable discovery experience for the users.


  • Utilize the in-app wishlist feature to compile your unique product collections.
  • The multi-language and RTL support feature makes your application accessible to all your users globally.
  • Utilize a powerful abandonment cart campaign and re-captivate those shoppers who dropped out during the checkout process.
  • Augmented Reality empowers your customers to visualize better the product they will buy online.
  • Use the AI product recommendation feature to provide highly personalized product recommendations to your buyers.
  • Multi currency feature allows users to send/receive payments in multiple currencies and simplifies user transactions worldwide.
  • Create and schedule push notifications from your app when you want to get the user's attention.
  • An integrated app analytics tool can monitor your app's performance and capture valuable user insights.
  • The Collection Filter & Search Bar allows users to filter items collections based on their preferences and needs.
  • Social media login allows users to access your app directly through their existing social media accounts, eliminating the need for a lengthy and time-consuming registration process.


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Built and supported by an Algolia partner.




Magenative primarily develops iOS and Android-based mobile applications to improve the online presence of various businesses. It provides services for various M-commerce platforms, including Shopify,

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