Integrate Bubble with Algolia

Integrate Bubble with Algolia



Bubble apps using this integration have their data sent to Algolia for indexing, and use Algolia as a data source to power elements like repeating groups and searchboxes.
Note that unlike a plugin which must be installed, this integration is built natively into the editor, much like Bubble’s integrations with Google Maps and Google Geocode.
Bubble does have native search capabilities, but Algolia provides a more performant and customizable search experience at scale. Users of this integration will also need their own Algolia plan. Algolia is more suitable for Bubble apps at a large scale that rely on search as an important part of their user experience; thus, this feature is only available for Bubble apps on the Professional plan and above.

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Bubble introduces a new way to build software. It's a no-code tool that lets you build SaaS platforms, marketplaces and CRMs without code.

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