Integrate Magnolia CMS Ecommerce Extension with Algolia

Implement Magnolia Commerce Connector Pack using Algolia



This module provides an implementation of the Magnolia Commerce Connector Pack using Algolia. Though Algolia is at first sight a search engine, if you use Algolia to store your products, catalogs and other ecommerce data, this module brings a wealth of benefits for editors working in Magnolia: 

  • Search products and catalogs directly in the Magnolia UI
  • Product picker to choose products from Algolia and embed them in landing pages and other experiences you create with Magnolia
  • Campaign manager to use products in pre-scheduled, personalized campaigns  
  • Merchandising capabilities for pages, navigation etc. 
  • And more. 

To use this module, a subscription to the Magnolia Commerce Connector Pack is required.


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Built and supported by an Algolia partner.




Magnolia is a content platform that serves as a DXP and a headless CMS.

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