Integrate Movable Ink with Algolia

Seamlessly integrate product data into marketing communications



Together, Algolia and Movable Ink allow marketers to seamlessly integrate product data into marketing communications. Marketers can now automate the creation of recent-time product content within campaigns by leveraging data that lives within the Algolia Search API. The Algolia Search API allows end-users to easily find relevant products, images, articles, details, and prices across all of your content, guaranteeing your campaigns result in better conversion and average order value.

Movable Ink enables marketers to generate personalized content by leveraging product or media content from Algolia's API. Within Movable Ink's platform, marketers are provided with the relevant tools to compile their desired creative, which can be exported as an image URL. The final rendered image is generated after inbox arrival to ensure the content within your marketing communications is always relevant.


• Synchronize the source of product or media data to improve relevancy.

• Automate the content build process and boost efficiencies.

• Improve business agility with centralized and intuitive merchandising.



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Movable Ink

Movable Ink

Movable Ink activates any data into personalized content for the world's most innovative brands

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