Integrate NopCommerce with Algolia

Integrate Algolia search capabilities into your NopCommerce store.

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If you want the best way to integrate Algolia search services on your nopCommerce solution, then nopStation is here with its Algolia Search Integration plugin. This search integration plugin is one of nopStation’s many class-leading plugins for nopCommerce. This plugin lets customers easily search and filter through categories, vendors, manufacturers, specifications, product ratings, prices, and much more, allowing them quickly find products. The Algolia plugin supports advanced filtering for faster searches with intelligent prediction and auto-complete feature. This lets your customers find the products they are looking for faster and more conveniently.


  • Instant search
  • Filter by Category
  • Filter by Manufacturer
  • Show report result in data table
  • Filter by Specification Attribute (Allow filtering enabled is required for the specific Specification Attribute)
  • Filter by Product Rating
  • Filter by Price Range
  • Product Sort & Change Page Size
  • Algolia index management
  • Index auto update
  • Easily customizable


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Integrate Algolia Search with NopCommerce

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