Integrate Spryker with Algolia

Integrate Spryker with Algolia



With Spryker's composable commerce approach, we are able to support customers through all stages of their digital transformation journey. You can easily test functionalities and see if they truly fulfill your criteria without large and expensive investments. Customers can stay flexible and adjust or exchange components as needed.

Spryker’s new App Composition Platform allows Spryker Cloud customers to try out 3rd party services with their online business in the most seamless, secure, and curated way. With the simple click of a button, our customers can connect their Algolia search integration. No coding is required.

The Algolia powerful and efficient search engine is the latest addition to the Spryker best-of-breed environment.

The Spryker Algolia integration:

  • Pulls relevant data from the customer’s product database, reformats that data and sends it back.

  • Updates automatically when the customer’s database changes, allowing for more accurate results without any additional maintenance.

  • Indexes the product data in a way to support different searchability and sortability strategies.

  • Enables your Spryker shop or marketplace to properly and seamlessly display the different elements of the search experience (such as search box or search results).


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Built and supported by an Algolia partner.




Spryker enables companies to create winning commerce experiences in B2B, B2C, and marketplaces.

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