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Build pages faster, automate content and product suggestions on pages and customize their search pages - all without developer support.

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By combining Algolia + Uniform, business teams can build pages faster, automate content and product suggestions on pages and customize their search pages - all without developer support. That means that they can utilize the power of Algolia search and Uniform’s visual editing to improve customer journeys, drive conversions across every channel and reduce the time to value for every new asset.

Search has long been key to content discovery. Uniform + Algolia combine to bring search to content creation and orchestration. Using an Algolia index, content managers can select either a specific piece of content or create a volatile field that will update with the most relevant content (or product) based on a specific search term. This automation supports longer dwell times and upsells of products with relevant suggestions while eliminating manual updates on pages. This experience is supported entirely within Uniform Canvas, where Algolia exists alongside any other data sources an organization uses. Content from Algolia can also deliver personalized results without any performance lag using Uniform Context. Business users can do all of this without a single developer ticket - giving them the power to build compelling digital experiences on their own schedule.

Additionally, Uniform gives business teams control the presentation of Algolia search pages. This means that they can control categorization, page layout, result display, pagination and more using Uniform Canvas. This means that experiences can be easily edited and optimized to drive constant improvements. 

Benefits of combining Uniform + Algolia

Improve conversion rates  - When suggested content (eg. trend blogs or B2B enablement content) is added to a page manually, it’s often forgotten about. That means, when newer and better content can be shown, it will be added automatically. This improves your customer experience to increase conversion, as well as support upsell and cross-sell motions in commerce. 

Content efficiency at scale  - In Uniform, Algolia can be a key part of your content orchestration and automation process. Algolia’s fast search improves editor efficiency when building pages, and automated search components can ensure that the most relevant content is always shown to your users when it’s added. This can greatly reduce the maintenance and update overheads on Marketing and Content teams.


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