Multi Use Case Demo of Algolia Search

Showcasing movie rental, internal employee directory search and developer's sandbox playground

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We built our demo to showcase how Algolia is suitable for a range of customers, each with different use cases. So, we build 3 tabs and showed a different use-case in each:

  • First, a Netflix-style movie rental site - where speed is critical
  • Next, a developer's sandbox playground - where fun is required
  • Finally, an internal employee directory - where scale is necessary


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Built by Algolia's developer community, not supported by Algolia


Victor Adewusi

Victor Adewusi

Software engineer by day, builder by night

I'm passionate about creating exceptional user experiences that empower people to achieve their goals. Whether I'm working on my own projects or collaborating with other engineers, I'm always striving to build software that delights and inspires.

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